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Targeted advertising in Google Search with Google Ads: Part 2 - Optimize and expand search ads

Gain more knowledge about search engine advertising to optimize, expand and display text ads according to your marketing goals in the Google Search results. Target audience: The training is aimed at all beginners in online marketing, such as: - Entrepreneurs and employees in companies of all sizes - Self-employed people - Vocational school pupils and students Content and goals of the training: - Deepen your knowledge of search engine advertising with Google - Improve quality factors and place more cost-efficient ads - Optimize text ads and extend them with information such as address or telephone number - Understand different bid strategies and switch ads according to the online marketing goals The training is interactive. Using the example of an online shop, you will learn how to increase the relevance of text ads in Google Search and thus advertise more efficiently. In short exercises you can apply what you have learned directly to your company. Previous knowledge: For this training you should have your own website, a verified Google my Business company profile and a Google Ads account as well as basic understanding of online marketing or have attended the following modules in advance: - Online marketing 101: learn more about terms, user behaviour and online channels - Strategies for successful online marketing: define target audience, marketing goals and key figures - Free listings in the Google Search results & on Google Maps: be present with Google My Business - Improved online presence with search engine optimization: easy ways for a better online visibility - Google advertising formats at a glance: find suitable Google Ads campaign types - Targeted advertising in Google Search with Google Ads: Part 1 - Understand and set up search ads Further training: - Learn more about users and optimize your online presence: with Google Analytics for free Please note that the realisation of an event cannot be guaranteed. Under certain circumstances, a training course may be postponed or cancelled. (This training is taking part in English)

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