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Strategies for successful online marketing: define target audience, marketing goals and key figures

Learn about the importance of a strategy for successful online marketing, how to determine the strategy components for yourself and how market research can help. Target audience: The training is aimed at all beginners to online marketing, for example: - Entrepreneurs and employees in companies of all sizes - Self-employed people - Vocational school pupils and students Content and goals of the training: - Understand the relevance of online marketing strategies - Get to know components of online marketing strategies - Define individual unique selling propositions, target audience, marketing objectives, performance indicators and advertising media - Get to know simple market research methods The training is interactive. Using the example of a small local company, you will get to know the components of online marketing strategies, create your own strategy in short exercises and directly apply what you have learned. Previous knowledge: For this training you should understand basic online marketing terms and online purchasing processes as well as know channels for online marketing or have attended the following module in advance: - Online marketing 101: learn more about terms, user behaviour and online channels Further training: - Free listings in the Google Search results & on Google Maps: be present with Google My Business Please note that the realisation of an event cannot be guaranteed. Under certain circumstances, a training course may be postponed or cancelled. (This training is taking part in English)

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