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Online marketing 101: learn more about terms, user behaviour and online channels

Get an understanding of how users behave online, what online channels there are, and how online marketing can help you reach your customers. Target audience: The training is aimed at all beginners in online marketing, such as: - Entrepreneurs and employees in companies of all sizes - Self-employed people - Vocational school pupils and students Content and goals of the training: - Get to know common terms of online marketing - Understand online behavior of users, especially during purchasing processes - Discover interaction opportunities with potential customers - Get to know important channels for online marketing - Recognize the potential of online marketing The training is designed interactively and involves you with short exercises. You can directly apply what you have learned. Previous knowledge: No previous knowledge is required for this training. Further training: - Strategies for successful online marketing: define target audience, marketing goals and key figures Please note that the realisation of an event cannot be guaranteed. Under certain circumstances, a training course may be postponed or cancelled. (This training is taking part in English)

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