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Entrepreneurial thinking and doing (English)

Learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur. Target audience: The training is aimed at all interested parties, for example, but not exclusively: - Entrepreneurs - Self-employed individuals - Founders - College and university students Content and goals of the training: You learn how entrepreneurs use their strengths, deal with risks, turn crisis into success, build relationships and take responsibility. In this training you can expect: - An insight into the approach of effectuation based on global scientific knowledge. - The reflection of your own abilities as well as the reflection of the network of peers, with whom you can transform your future, your organisation or society for the better in a positive way. This training is interactive and involves you with short exercises. You can directly apply what you have learned. Previous knowledge: No previous knowledge is required for this training. Further training: After this training, we recommend that you attend the following modules: - Innovation Studio: Creative Problem Solving with Design Thinking - Business Model Innovation & Storytelling Please note that the realization of this event cannot be guaranteed. Under certain circumstances, a training may be postponed or cancelled. (This training takes place in English)

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