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Business Model Innovation with Business Model Canvas (English)

Learn how to use the Business Model Canvas to structure and clearly assess all relevant dimensions of a company's business model. Target audience: The training is aimed at all interested parties, for example, but not exclusively: - Entrepreneurs - self-employed individuals - Founders - university and college students Content and goals of the training: In today's connected world it is no longer sufficient to innovatively design products or processes. A real innovation encompasses all areas of the business - the target customers, the value proposition, the activities and resources of value creation and the way in which profit is generated - here the Business Model Canvas helps. In this training you can expect: - An introduction to the Business Model Canvas as a basis for discussion and idea development to create new business models. - An open brainstorming and subsequent formulation of concrete ideas for an innovative business model. - The development of an implementation strategy including the formation of a project team with specific roles. This training is interactive and involves you with short exercises. You can directly apply what you have learned. Previous knowledge: No previous knowledge is required for this training. Further training: After this training, we recommend that you attend the following modules: - Entrepreneurial thinking and doing - Business Model Innovation & Storytelling Please note that the realisation of an event cannot be guaranteed. Under certain circumstances, a training may be postponed or cancelled. (This training takes place in English)

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