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Start Learning Online

Grow your business with digital.

Learn the digital skills you need to unlock the full potential of your business.

Start Learning Online

Join us for the offline training sessions

Digital Unlocked is an initiative to help you grow your business digitally. Attend the training offered by FICCI and get a certification from Google and the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. The offline training covers all the topics under Digital Unlocked.

Offline Trainings

Learn digital skills on your mobile with Google Primer

Download Primer, and you’ll get the digital skills you need to grow your business. Available in Hindi or English, you can take our 5-minute lessons without using up your data


Set your goals

Create a learning plan that's right for you – whether you want to sell online, reach more people on social media, or simply get your work noticed.

Learn from experience

Watch video tutorials from everyday experts who've been in your shoes, or come visit us in one of our offline training sessions.

Apply your knowledge

Test what you've learned and get practical tips on applying your new skills to help your business grow.

Track your progress

Your personal dashboard will help keep you motivated and on track – not to mention entertained.

Keep going!

Explore many ways to grow your business and gain new customers. You can even get certified by completing all the topics in Digital Unlocked.

Why go Digital?

Changed businesses and changed lives, all because of digital. Hear from a few business owners on how digital helped their business grow.

Learn digital skills on your mobile

The Primer app delivers easy, 5-minute digital marketing lessons in Hindi and English. You’ll learn how to start a business, build a website, do SEO, run online ads, and more - without using up your data.


A new generation of growth

Ram Chander & Sons is India's oldest toy store, run by the same family since 5 generations.

With Google My Business they have a whole new storefront - a digital one. Now, 60% of their visitors are from outside Delhi. And they have begun selling to customers in 61 countries!

Growth tastes good

Gourmet Delight is an online organic food store run by Raka Chakrawarti out of her home office.

Being on the pursuit of finding loyal customers, she explored digital marketing and, in a short span of time, she has managed to increase her loyal customers by 100%.

More room to grow

Kavaljeet owns and runs Tall Trees, a high-end resort in the picturesque town of Manali.

Digital has helped Kavaljeet reach new customers across the world, leading to 100% bookings online. In fact, his online marketing initiatives have been so successful that he had to double the number of rooms in his resort.

Pumping in growth

Mr. Bhatia never knew that selling pumps online would be possible.

With the help of Digital he has now been able to tap into a larger customer base and connect with a larger market. Going online has helped him increase sales by over 60%.