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What is Digital Skills for Africa?

Brush up your digital skills to grow your business, your career, or just your confidence. The everyday experts at Digital Skills for Africa will help you succeed online. Anyone can benefit, regardless of their skill level, goals or background.

Why has Google launched Digital Skills for Africa?

When people learn to make the most of the web, it's amazing how much individuals, businesses, and whole economies can grow. We want everyone to have the digital skills they need to benefit from the technology revolution and share in that growth — including you.

What knowledge and skills will I gain upon completing my training?

There's no limit to how much you can grow! After watching video tutorials from everyday experts who've been in your shoes, you'll build the skills to promote yourself and your business online. You'll learn how to get noticed by the right people, and how to make the most of the web to achieve your goals.


Account Setup

How do I delete my account?

Sorry to see you go. Select 'My Profile' in the menu to delete your account. Please note, if you use a Google Account to login, deleting your Digital Skills for Africa account will not delete or otherwise affect your Google Account. However, deleting your Google Account will automatically delete your Digital Skills for Africa account and the data associated with that account.

What is the Diagnostic?

There are hundreds of resources in Digital Skills for Africa covering loads of topics to help you succeed online. But you don't have to explore all of it — we'll set you up with a personal learning plan that covers only the topics you need. Hit 'Create my plan' anywhere on the site to tell us your goals, so we'll know exactly what to include in your personal plan. Of course, if you see something else you'd like to learn that's not included in your plan, go ahead and explore


Topic Library

How do I get started with a topic/topics?

Have you taken your Diagnostic yet? If not, that's your first step to receive your personal plan. Click 'Create my plan' anywhere on the site to get started — it will only take a minute or two. You can always skip the Diagnostic and explore topics on your own if you wish, by visiting the 'Library' section on this site

How long do I have to complete a tutorial or topic?

You can complete tutorials and topics at your own pace. Every step is a step in the right direction, so keep going!

Is there a limit to how many times I can take a tutorial?

There's no limit. You can complete tutorials and topics as many times as you'd like.

Can I create my own personal learning plan?

Yep! Click on 'Topic Library' to browse the topic library and create your own learning plan to boost your digital performance.

What is required in order to complete a topic?

At the end of each topic you will be asked to complete an assessment quiz. If you pass, you'll earn the badge for that topic. Hooray!

Can I download the course content?

No, not yet — but you can always return to Digital Skills for Africa to access the resources you need.


Face to Face

Is Digital Skills for Africa Face to Face training free to attend?

It's always free to attend face to face training sessions near you or to take the course online.

What services does Digital Skills for Africa provide?

Digital Skills for Africa provides free training sessions and certification . Brush up your digital skills in person, to grow your business, your career, or just your confidence.

What topics are covered?

Learn about establishing your online presence, the principles of Advertising online including SEO, SEM, Google Ads and Mobile advertising. You will also learn about the different job opportunities available in Digital and the different ways you can succeed online as a Business.

Who will conduct the training session?

One of our expert trainers who work with our Digital Skills for Africa partners across the continent will conduct the training sessions.

Can I receive a copy of the training session content?

Yes. Once you attend a Face to Face training session, you will be given a link to the slides via e-mail or printed out slides on paper.



What is a badge?

A badge is a digital recognition that you'll receive when you successfully complete a topic in Digital Skills for Africa. It's a prize that you can brag about to your family and friends (and boss!) Badges belong to

How do I collect badges?

You collect badges by completing all of the lessons in a topic and passing the final assessment for that topic.



Who provides the certificate?

You will be able to download your certificate from the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course landing page when you've completed the course. A progress indicator on the certification course page will show you how far you've come, and what topics you need to complete to earn your certificate.

How can I be awarded a certificate?

You'll earn an authentic certification by completing all topics in Digital Skills for Africa.

How do I get the certificate?

You'll be able to download a PDF copy of the certificate from the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course page once you've passed the final test.

I lost my certificate, where can I get it again?

Once you pass the final test, return to the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course landing page to download your certificate whenever you like.



I am having issues with the site functioning properly. Who should I reach out to?

If you have any questions or issues regarding our site, please send us a note using the Contact Us form

What browsers are supported for use?

All current browsers support our platform.

Can I do the topics from my tablet or smartphone?

Yep! The platform is optimized for all screens and sizes.

I am having trouble accessing the course.

Sorry for your troubles, please send us a note using the Contact Us form.