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Partner Event: Lloyds

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Discover different digital marketing channels and how to use them to build a digital marketing strategy. - Learn how digital marketing channels are used to help businesses grow ...

Get Started with Analytics

Discover how insights based marketing can help your business grow. - The role of web analytics in online marketing and what 'data-driven’ decisions mean for a business - Unders...

Social Media Strategy

Learn how to create a social media strategy based on your business goals. - Starting social media platforms for businesses - Building social media strategy based on business go...

Build Effective Presentations

Learn how to structure your presentations and speak to a room full of people. - Find out what makes a good presentation - Tips on building a strong presentation - Learn essent...

Build a CV

Learn how to package your skills with a digital CV. - What makes a strong CV? - Presenting your skills on your CV - Going above and beyond your CV For people who are job se...

Find Your Career Goals - Breakout session

Gain insights into what you enjoy, what you are naturally good at and how to pursue your goals. - Learn about job fulfilment - Identify what matters to you in your work - Set ...

Build Your Personal Brand - Breakout session

Learn to identify your personal brand and grow your network online. - Define your personal brand - Build your brand online - Increase your online visibility For people who ...

Grow my Store - Breakout session

Grow my Store is a new tool from Think with Google that generates a quick and easy evaluation of your website. Explore these recommendations in a small group setting with other ...

Grow Your Business on Google Maps - Breakout session

Verify your business on the spot and capture local audiences with Google My Business. Discover how to enhance your listing on Google Maps. - Create your listing & get verified ...

Create a Virtual Tour for your Business - Breakout session

Enhance your Google My Business listing with a virtual tour of your shop or workspace. Learn how to create a 360º photo from your smartphone that you can upload direct to Goog...

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