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Bonus Materials

Explore additional topics to enrich your learning experience in all things digital. These bonus videos are not part of the overall Google Digital Garage certification, so think of them as an opportunity to get inspired and expand your knowledge.

How to structure your job search

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When you’re looking for a job, there are many websites and tools available online to help you. So where do you start? The trick is working out what’s best for your job search.

In this video, you’ll learn how to set up your job search and keep track of it – so that you save time and find the right job faster.

Before diving in, take a moment to think about the kind of work that you’re interested in so that you can really focus your search.

Pick three industries you’re interested in and then choose a few companies that appeal to you most within those industries.

With this list in mind, set up Google Alerts to get the latest news and articles about these industries and companies delivered straight to your inbox. You might spot unexpected job opportunities and you’ll also look well informed at interviews when you can talk about the latest industry developments.

Next up are online job boards. Use a search engine to research these - there are many available so try taking the same approach as before and choose the two or three most relevant to you.

Keep in mind that over half of all job vacancies are filled by personal connections and word of mouth. So while it’s important to apply for jobs online, developing your network can also play a big part in your success.

Tell your friends, family and former colleagues about your job search. Even if they don’t work in the industry you’re interested in, they might be able to introduce you to someone who does.

Also consider attending industry events or conferences, which is another great way to make new, relevant contacts.

Many companies and their employees post job opportunities on social media before they appear on job boards, so it’s worth following their profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn is the most work-focused social network online and will allow you to connect with people based on their jobs or the industries they work in. This means the content published and shared there is more likely to help your job search – just remember to keep your connections relevant and focused to your job goals.

Once you make contacts offline, remember to immediately add them to your LinkedIn network while the connection is still fresh in both your minds – it’s a great way to keep conversations going.

You can also search for LinkedIn Groups relevant to the jobs you’re looking for. Groups allow people with common work interests to come together and discuss industry developments, as well as share interesting content and jobs. If you have something valuable to add to the conversation, contribute to group discussions – this can help you get your name out and perhaps even help foster new connections.

Once you start applying for jobs, it’s important to keep track of which roles you’ve applied to, so you can follow these opportunities up in a timely manner.

All it takes is a simple spreadsheet using software like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Include the names of the companies applied to, their contact details, the date applied, when to follow up and what the current status is—“ongoing”, “waiting for a reply”, and so on. Add a link to the job description for easy reference, and remember to update this spreadsheet as your job search progresses.

You could also set up a similar spreadsheet for your contacts, listing their name, company, contact details, how you connected, and whether you need to follow up with them.

So that’s how to save time and find the right job faster. Remember to work out which kind of job or industry is right for you, then focus your online search on the relevant jobs—and keep connecting with people who can help make your plans a reality.
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Managing your job search can seem like a huge project, but with the right approach and tools you'll be able to do this effectively and efficiently. In this video, we'll explore:
  • what tools can help you stay aware of job opportunities as they are published
  • how networking both online and offline can help you expand the reach of your job search
  • basic management approaches to tracking your job search from start to finish