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Topic: Make mobile work for you

5 lessons

35 min

Make mobile work for you

With mobile video consumption on the rise, it makes sense to include mobile in your advertising strategy. Understanding the options and tools available and how to choose the right keywords and ad formats will set you up to succeed in your first mobile marketing campaign.

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mouseDisplay Advertising

Display advertising allows businesses to reach specific groups of customers or audiences on specific websites with their messages.

stay_primary_portraitMobile Marketing

Any marketing or promotional activity that takes place on a mobile device, such as smartphones, tablets or PDAs.


A form of advertising that allows you to bid for your advertisement to show along with search results for keywords that people are typing in. This lets businesses be seen by people at the very moment they’re searching for the things a business offers. E.g. “SEO is a long process, but using SEM helped me get a lot more website traffic really quickly.”

track_changesSocial Media Marketing (SMM)

A form of marketing that utilises social networks to increase brand exposure and website traffic. SMM can also improve direct communication with customers and lead to increased engagement.

shopVideo Marketing

The use of video to promote or market a brand, product or service. Video marketing can be educational, entertaining or informative and can be used within online advertising and content marketing strategies.