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The numbers tell the tale

Gérald Claessens develops online marketing strategies for businesses at Knewledge, based on data measurement and analysis. His strategy turned out to be a tremendous succes: the implementation of AdWords and Analytics contributed to a growth of 400% in four years!

For the little ones

Since its foundation in 2010, the number of employees at Rachel’s day-care has increased tenfold. Today, Frimousses consists of 10 colleaugues, who provide care for the little ones between two and four years old with working parents. At least two out of three phone calls for registration that Rachel receives are a result of her AdWords campsign.

Fit for business

The largest sportschool in Luxembourg opened it’s doors in 2013. Factory 4 complemented the launch of their website with a succesful AdWords campaign. Meanwhile Fanny Pimentel is spending 20% of her marketing budget on online campaigns. The number of sweaty sporters has increased significantly since then.

For better or for worse

Michel Riberio is literally Mr. Wedding Films. With one employee and two freelancers he makes wedding videos fulltime. Due to AdWords, his customer base hasn’t only grown by 700%, but people around the world can now find him to document the most beautiful day of their lives.