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Women Will: Leadership

During this workshop you will learn how to use psychological tools in order to achieve your goals as a leader and to overcome gender stereotypes. You will also learn how to manage conflicts on the workfloor. How long does the workshop take? You register for the whole day. Please be reminded to bring your own food for lunch. Who is it for? This training is suitable for women who are interested in learning and/or understanding leadership skills. Are you curious how the principles of social influence can help you persuade others? Would you like to know how to channelize conflicts in something positive and productive? Then sign up for this session! What am I going to learn? - How leaders use influence, persuasion and ‘soft power’; - Insights on the science of persuasion; - How to manage conflicts on the workfloor. Where does this training take place? You can find us at Google Digital Atelier next to the Brussels-Central station. Please enter via the entrance of BeCentral, Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels

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