Atelier Digital Bruxelles - Google Atelier Digital

Keep yourself safe in the digital world

In this session you will gain more insight into the dangers that exist in the online world and how you can deal with them. We demonstrate practical steps and tools to use the internet in a safe way. Moreover, we explain to you practically what you should pay attention to if you suspect that you have been hacked and what you should do next. How long does the workshop take? Approximately one hour. Who is it for? This training is made for everyone. People who are in doubt about online safety and privacy receive many practical tips and tricks. It is not only about resolving security issues, but also about preventing issues by adequately protecting your accounts and devices. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to ask a lot of questions and also to talk in group about online safety and privacy. What will I learn? - How can I protect myself against online dangers? - What can I look out for when I think I am dealing with a hacking attempt? - What steps should I take if I am really hacked? Where does this workshop take place? You can find us at Google Digital Atelier at the Brussels-Central station. Come in via the entrance of BeCentral, Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels What can I do in preparation? You can already follow online classes on 26 topics related to online marketing. To start, go to: (NL) or (FR)

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