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How do you present yourself online as a person or freelancer?

This session introduces the ‘HHH’ model from Google to help you profile yourself online in a professional way. The 3 letters "H" are model for 3 different layers in your communication: the "Help" or "Hygiene" layer, the ‘Hub’ layer and the "Hero" layer. With each layer, you will receive hands-on tips and tricks to put into practice. At the end of the session you have a good idea of ​​the layers of professional profiling, and where the opportunities and opportunities lie for you. How long does the workshop take? Approximately one hour Who is it for? This session is suitable for anyone who would like to know how to profile themselves online. For example, to make yourself more visible to HR managers of the company you would like to work for or, as a freelancer, to bring your portfolio to the attention of potential clients. What will I learn? - How you can maintain professional communication on a day-to-day basis; - Which channels to use to shape your 'personal brand'; - At what times and in what ways you can really draw attention to you. Where does this training take place? You can find us at Google Digital Atelier at the Brussels-Central station. Come in via the entrance of BeCentral, Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels What can I do in preparation? You can already follow online classes on 26 topics related to online marketing. To start, go to: (NL) or (FR)

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