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Get Insights in data via Google Analytics

In this workshop you will get a practical deep-dive in Google Analytics. The trainer goes with you through an active Google Analytics account and shows various visualisations of data through a demo. During the workshop you can follow along on the screen, or participate on your own device. In this way you learn to find answers to very practical data questions. We also give a few handy tips & tricks for people who already use Google Analytics. At the end of the session we will show you the importance of a good dashboard. How long does the workshop take? Approximately one hour Who is it for? This training is for anyone interested in how to use Google Analytics. Even people who do not have active Google Analytics can follow this session, via the publicly accessible demo account. Are you curious how you can retrieve data on your business objectives based on the data from your web analysis. Then this session is certainly interesting for you. What am I going to learn? -- What are the 4 basic reports of Google Analytics, and how do I get started with this? - What is Segmentation and how can I use this feature in data analysis? -What are conversion paths and attribution? How do I use this to better understand my marketing campaigns? -What is the importance of Dashboards and how do I get started with them? Where does this training take place? You can find us at Google Digital Atelier at the Brussels-Central station. Come in via the entrance of BeCentral, Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels What can I do now in preparation? You can already follow online classes on 26 topics related to online marketing. To start, go to: (NL) or (FR) Do you have questions about the setup of Google Analytics? Then follow this session "How to set up Google Analytics successfully" in advance.

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