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An optimal website for your visitors

This workshop will be held in English. During this training you learn how you can better help your customers by paying attention to what makes a ‘good’ website. You learn the importance of having a website that is usable on desktop, tablet and mobile. How long does the training take? Approximately one hour Who is it for? This session is suitable for anyone who wants to know what the characteristics of a good website are. You don’t have a lot of experience on this subject and you would like to know how you can improve your site for the various platforms? Sign up and join us at the Digitaal Atelier. What will I learn? - What are the characteristics of a good website? - What makes a website mobile friendly? - How can analytics tools help you to improve your website? What else can I do? To learn more, you can sign up for other English training sessions in Brussels. You can also go to the online Digitaal Atelier and follow online classes on 26 subjects related to online marketing. To get started, visit:

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